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ByFreya Nup

Jan 3, 2021

Important Aspect to Put in Mind When Selecting the Best Site Location When Planting Tree Seedlings

The tree is one of the best natural plants that is mostly prevented because it has a big role to play in the life of human beings and also animals and birds and even on the climate side. Trees help in climate change and it also helps in serving a windbreak, it reduces high temperature and most of all it has its natural beauty when it is all over planted. In most areas where the trees are planted, you will get they influence the region in terms of adding oxygen to the air human breath, it also filters the air pollution and other importance like reducing runoff along the roads and giving the cities and homes their unique beauty. Trees grow in various heights and also take different time to grow, and by this, you will have to choose wisely the kind of tree to plant in your location depending on the size and also climate will affect a different kind of tree to grow. Considering the size restriction, you are experiencing there are a lot of tree varieties you can choose from. And with that, we will discuss some of the key points to look at when selecting the site location against the type of tree you want to plant.

To begin with, one of the most important elements to look at is the type of soil you have in your site of planting. Having high quality and amount of soil will give you more varieties of trees to choose from, but when you have poor quality and less amount can affect the growth of many trees. Hence, you need to know every tree requires what type of soil and whether it requires a high amount for it to grow faster and healthy.

Secondly, you need to consider the human activities within the sites you want to plant your tree. A human can pollute the soil and the air at the young stage of the tree, which can highly affect the growth, also the quality of watering they do, the vandalism which causes high chances of tree death at a young age or even when it has grown big.

The third aspect is the kind of exposure you give to your trees. Most of the trees depend on the sunlight they get to have healthy growth and when they lack the sunlight there is a high chance of slow growth. When it comes to woody trees, they require full sunlight for growth but other trees grow in dense growth. Wind exposure can also affect the growth of the tree hence the need to prevent soil erosion.

The fourth factor to consider is the spacing of the trees when planting. Having many elements that will affect tree growth you need to have an adequate spacing of your tree, you need to get a space that the tree will grow upward well and underground. Many utilities can hider this factor like overhead and underground utilities, buildings, pavements, visibility, and many others. The mentioned factors will guide you to choose wisely the site to plant your trees.

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